Zayn Malik’s girl friend absent on the night Album party in NewYork.

Zayn Malik long-term love Gigi Hadid was absent on the night, he had his mother and sister by his side for the album release party for “Icarus Falls” in New York on Wednesday night.

Zayn was wearing a tight fine-knit top, a checked blazer and navy trousers and was showing off black hair after dyeing it a variety of colours. 

The new album is officially released on Friday with track like “Good Years” which was released on Thursday. Which has been rumored to be about One Direction’s split.

Zayn’s song, Good Years, which was released on Thursday, is rumoured to be about One Direction’s split, with lyrics including: ‘I’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here.

‘Too much drugs and alcohol. What the hell were we fighting for?

‘Cause now the whole damn world will know. That we’re too numb and just too dumb to change the story.’

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Bandmate Louis Tomlinson hit back to hit back at Zayn’s One Direction ‘diss track’ on Twitter.  

Louis tweeted: ”Proper confused. What a hypocrite”!

”Anywayyyyy just signed off on the final production of something I’m very excited about “

“Trying to steer away from the drama furthermore, he added: ‘Also have to say X Factor was such an amazing experience! Can’t believe it’s over. Thank you to the whole team and all the contestants!”

Also in the album is the heartfelt song titled “There you are”
Which revealed a lit about his feelings toward Gigi Hadid who is “not being there for him”.

The outro has lines like,
“When you’re caught in the crowds”
“When you’re up in the clouds with the supermodel flying all over the world for world and being pretty much mobbed by fans and paparazzi wherever she goes”

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Also in the lyrics are;
Need you when I’m broken
When I’m fixed
Need you when I’m well
When I’m sick
Friends that I rely on
Don’t come through
They run like the river
But not you….

Recall that Gigi appeared in “Pillowtalk”video in 2016 when they first got together.
After the successful party, Zayn took to Twitter to thank everyone for coming.

He wrote: ‘Thank you to everyone supporting the music. Big love to everyone that came out tonight! #IcarusFallsParty.’

Updated: December 13, 2018 — 1:00 pm

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