Whoopty Rapper CJ Embraces Newfound Fame On BOP

Staten Island rapper CJ officially sends off his follow-up to “Whoopty”.

Staten Island rapper CJ shot to fame following the release of his viral single “Whoopty”, which took everybody by storm. The beat has been discussed at length, including in our recent article dissecting the Hindi origins of the sample, which was also used by King Von, FBG Duck, and others. 

Following the success of his breakout single, CJ has signed a deal with French Montana, returning with a brand new music video for his follow-up single “BOP”. The track sees CJ reveling in his newfound fame and success, stunting in front of luxury whips with some designer drip. The rapper hangs out with his crew and takes over the Big Apple, hanging out the window and shouting out his lyrics. Of course, CJ also references his “Whoopty” success a few times, blurting out the song title as an ad-lib throughout the new cut.

Listen to CJ’s official follow-up and stay tuned because he’s on pace for a big year.

Quotable Lyrics:

She yellin’ out she wanna f*ck with a whoopty
I’m feelin’ groovy
Hittin’ my phone, like, “Baby come do me”
We makin’ a movie
She wanna pull up and give me the besos
I’m countin’ the pesos
I gotta stick to the cheese, like queso
I think we makin’ a mess, ho’

Updated: January 26, 2021 — 4:18 pm

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