WHO warns against Madagascar’s Coronavirus Organic Medicine.

WHO warns against the use of unapproved Coronavirus treatment following the launch of Madagascar’s Coronavirus medicine, named COVID 19 Organics

WHO on Thursday warned that the unapproved coronavirus as there are no published scientific researches of the herbal tea and that its effects have not been confirmed.

The man who wrote Africa’s name on the map of the world. His name is Dr jerome Munyangi from MADAGASCAR the inventor, creator and manufacturer of the madagascar magic herbal drink named COVID-ORGANICS which prevents and cures corona Virus.


World Health Organisation Africa Director Matshidiso Moeti in a press briefing on Thursday instructed that Madagascar should take the drink “through a clinical trial”.

 “We would caution and advise countries against adopting a product that has not been taken through tests to see its efficacy,”

Moeti said that in 2000, African governments had committed to taking “traditional therapies” through the same clinical trials as other medication.

“I can understand the need, the drive to find something that can help,” Moeti said. “But we would very much like to encourage this scientific process in which the governments themselves made a commitment.”

Rajoelina defended his tonic during a coronavirus screening campaign in Madagascar’s eastern city of Toamasina on Thursday.

“The WHO has indicated that artemisia could lead to a cure for coronavirus,” the president said, promising to submit the drink to clinical trials.

Meanwhile other countries are going ahead with their ordering to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t spread in their country.

Equatorial Guinea which earlier ordered the medicine have recorded recovery rate by 44% from 9 recoveries to 13 in 5 days, after purchasing Madagascar’s Coronavirus medicine.

Madagascar’s Government has contacted South Africa’s Department of Health to partner with them to further their scientific research on Coronavirus.

Niger republic and Tanzania have expressed interest and has also ordered for the medicine.

We wait to see the impact of this medicine in Africa and hope to extend it to other continents.

Updated: May 8, 2020 — 12:06 pm

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