WATCH! Scary moment as SA man pushes a slay queen out of his V class Benz.

South Africans are talking about a video that has been circulating online. In the clip, the man can be seen yelling at a young woman who has been identified as Nthabiseng “Princess” Mtetwa, to get out of his car. In the clip, she seemingly refuses to get out and rather changes seats.

The man then decides to get inside the car and physically pull her out. Thus resulting in her apologizing profusely while begging him to stop.

The video then stops abruptly without any explanation as to what happened to the young woman and her friend who seemingly did not want to get involved.

Why Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa Got Kicked Out of The Car?

A young man who seems to know about the story said that the man had sex with the ladies in his van, but didn’t pay them. The ladies began to demand money from the man; who got angry and told the slay-queen to leave his car.

From the information gathered, the man told the ladies that he isn’t a Nigerian who pays women for sex. 
Another gist has it that the man told the ladies not to make noise while he was on a phone conversation with his wife. Unfortunately, the ladies began to make noise, and it made the man angry thereby leading to the unpleasant scene that occurred.

Mandy Global also wrote:
“Allegedly” the girl asked the guy for money after sex. That’s why he’s saying “I’m not a Nigerian”, do you get money like that from Amajita. He’s asking if that’s how she normally gets money from men, by sleeping with them, then asking for money afterward.”

The Driver Voices Out His Own View About The Scene.

According to him, he and his wife were leaving a Joburg club when they spotted Nthabiseng and her friend who appeared to be stranded.

He also pointed out how he then gave them a ride when Nthabiseng started becoming “disrespectful”.

Speaking in the clip, he shares how she took off her shoes, put them on his seat, and started drinking despite his requests for her to stop. This is when he became angry and told her to get out.

Here is the full story of V class from the horse’s mouth #VClass— _Pearl (@_PearlMahlake) November 22, 2021

Despite the fact that he shared his side of the story, netizens still believe there is more to it. Many have also accused him of lying about some of the stuff he was claiming happened in the clip.

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