Watch how Kodak Black radio interview ends quickly after his sexual assault case was brought up.

Kodak Black stopped by Hot97s Ebro morning show as part of promotion of his new album “Dying To Live” which will feature Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Offset, and Lil Pump to discuss a wide range of topics. The conversion was on Cardi B’ breakout single “Bodak Yellow” which was heavily inspired by “No Flockin” from Kodak’s in 2014 record, The lyrical content of the album, his work with the late rapper XXXTentacion.

The interview start with a good vibe from the host Ebro introducing the Florida artist who seemed very calm and reserved at the beginning.

However there was a mood swing when Ebro Darden brought up Kodak’s ongoing sexual assault case.

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Ebro started, “With respect to everybody involved in that case, you know we can’t get into details today. But, you know, we take sexual assault here serious,” he said. “We can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that because it’s a serious topic.”

A visibly uncomfortable Kodak remained silent.

Co-host Peter Rosenberg then attempted to change the subject, but Kodak wasn’t responsive.

“You seem upset that I brought it up,” Ebro tells the rapper, referring to the sexual assault comments.

“I feel like sometimes when n**as be going through s**t, like, y’all be entertained by bulls*t,” Kodak said. “Change the subject, or else I’m finna walk out.”

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“We don’t have to talk about nothing else, we can be done right here,” Ebro responded.

It was at that point Kodak stood up and walked out.


This sparked a lot of reactions from fans. Many have questioned the motive of the host while some are supporting the question put forward by Ebro.

“Why bring it up tho? It’s an open case and he’s probably not even legally allowed to talk about it…he told you to leave it alone but you pressed him. You seen his posture change why instigate the situation?”

No lie black artist needa boycott Ebro after dat Kodak stunt.

“People being furious at Ebro for telling Kodak Black “We take sexual assault seriously here” is proof there’s a lack of guidance out here. People whose job is interviewing musicians are supposed to ask hard questions. But that wasn’t a hard question. That was just accountability.

People freaking the f*ck out at the slightest suggestion of criticism for celebrities is childish and tiresome but I’d rather get cussed out and rest easy knowing I said what I meant than eat my feelings being nice. I know that’s not everyone’s ministry. So it goes.

Kodak Black went on hot 97 and Ebro brought up his sexual assault case and said that they take that type of issue really seriously. Kodak got mad and left the interview, and 90% of the comments I’m reading are calling Ebro a clown. we really are doomed”

“Y’all ni*as be contributing too rape culture so much that y’all are literally mad at Ebro for asking a question that everyone wants the answer too about Kodak black…”

However Ebro has responded to using his Twitter handle

I never asked Kodak a question about the case…

I was tryna have a balanced convo with Kodak Black & not ignore the serious allegations against him but also not ask specifics to make his situation worse… and he wanna get an attitude with me?? Nah….

You will recall that in Kodak is currently facing sexual assault charges for allegedly raping a teenage girl in 2016.
The victim has claimed that the crime took place at South Carolina Hotel ,where Kodak pinned her down ,beat her then forced himself into her .

The hearing of his trial will resume next year April 2019.
If guilty and convicted Kodak black is likely to spend 30years of his life jail. 

Updated: December 13, 2018 — 7:41 am

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