Tik TOK: Barnard Still To Be Apprehended Over Use of “K-Word”.

Last week, Henrico Barnard released two videos on his TikTok account in which he used the K-word at least 17 times. In the clip, Barnard also referred black people as parasites.

Barnard also invoked German dictator Adolf Hitler, saying he was a fan, adding that black people deserved to suffer the same fate as the Jews under Nazi reign.

He has since removed the videos and issued an apology.

He was reacting to the shooting of Len Cloete at the Misty Hills Lodge in Muldersdrift. According to Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokesperson Grace Langa, Cloete had been arguing with staff and management at the lodge and was asked to leave.

She said he refused, and security and the establishment manager followed him to the room and asked him to leave. “He became more aggressive. Police were called in to assist, and the guest started fighting with police.“

In a video of the incident that has since gone viral on social media, Cloete is seen shouting at police. He is naked at the start of the video but later puts on a pair of blue underpants.

He then disarms a police officer. Another cop at the scene fires a single shot that hits Cloete in the head. He falls to the ground. Langa said Cloete was rushed to hospital under police guard and Ipid is investigating.

Despite all that have happened, police confirmed that charges of intimidation, crimen injuria and incitement to commit a crime had been opened. According to reports, Barnard is in hospital. Police have declined to say why.

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