Tierra Whack – 07/14/19 Freestyle

Last week, Jermaine Dupri was the recipient of a lot of backlash for he comments where he claimed that the women rapping right now all sound like strippers rapping. The statement was a proof of how outdated the veteran might be with things in the industry. Considering that we got rappers like Rico Nasty, NoName, and of course, Philly’s own Tierra Whack who’ve been killing it this past year — without mentioning their reproductive organs. Actions always speak louder than words, and so instead of verbally refuting JD’s claim, Tierra Whack pulled up with a crazy new freestyle titled 07/14/19.

Tierra Whack Proves Jermaine Dupri Wrong With “07/14/19 Freestyle”

07/14/19 Freestyle, Song Information.

  • Artist Name: Tierra Whack
  • Featuring: nil
  • Song Title: 07/14/19 Freestyle
  • Album: nil
  • Genre: Hip Hop, US. Hip Hop
  • Release Date: July, 2019
  • Sources: Youtube

Wielding neither a pen nor a pad Tierra Whack did not mince words as she made it crystal clear that she could hold her own against anyone in her peer group — both men and women. Tierra took on Jay-Z’s “Jigga What” instrumental for her latest freestyle and I dare say, she completely obliterated the beat while proving that Jermaine Dupri was wrong about his assertion about women who rap. “They hate to hear a girl rap/ Quick to say a girl wack/ Who the hottest in the world? It’s the girl Whack,” she raps on the track. Check out the freestyle below via youtube.

Quotable Lyrics

What’s a challenge to a champion?
Stand on my ground like a mannequin
You wanna be a real man but you’re just a mannequin


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