Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal has been defeated in the House of Commons

Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal has been defeated in the House of Commons as MPs voted against it by 391 to 242, despite last minute assurances over the Irish backstop.

*The last time Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement was put to Parliament in January, it was voted down by a margin of 230.

*At 149, this defeat is narrower than the previous vote but still ranks fourth in the biggest government defeats since 1918

*In Tuesday’s vote, 39 Conservative MPs who had previously voted against Mrs May’s deal backed it.

Theresa May’s deal has been defeated in the Commons by 149 votesMPs will now have a free vote on Wednesday on whether to leave EU without a dealDefeat came after the attorney general said the changes the PM had secured still carried a “legal risk” that the UK would have no way out of the Irish backstop without EU agreementJeremy Corbyn has called again for a general electionThe DUP and the ERG group of Eurosceptic Tory MPs rejected PM’s deal

It has been another busy Brexit day in Parliament, so here is what you missed…

Theresa May returned to the Commons with changes to her Brexit deal, but MPs rejected it by 149 votes both the DUP and Brexit-backing ERG voted against the deal after Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned the risk of being locked into the Irish backstop remained.

The EU said it had done “everything it can to help get the Withdrawal Agreement over the line” and its ‘no-deal’ preparations were now “more important than ever before”The PM confirmed a vote would take place on Wednesday on whether to leave the EU without a deal MPs will be allowed a “free vote” on the motion meaning party bosses won’t tell them which way to voteIf MPs reject no-deal, another vote is expected on Thursday on whether to extend Article 50 to delay leaving on 29 March

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