Thembisile Ntaka Save Me Lyrics

Save Me Lyrics by Thembisile Ntaka

Here is the lyrics to the original song “Save Me” by Thembisile Ntaka.

Ooooh oh, ooooh oh save me, same me
Save me, from this cruel man Lord,
I need you to save me ooooh
save me Lord, from this man

Mama warned about this man of mine
She said baby take time to know him
Didn’t listen to mama, I went straight to church and married my man
Didn’t know I’m marrying a mad man

Sunday morning I was about to go to church,
he told me to choose between him and God
told him I would never choose before man and God
he beat me and kicked me and sweared at me why why why
Save me, save me, save me, save me


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