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The Evans Scholarship: Eligibility, Requirements, And How To Apply

The “Westchester Evans Scholarship” is a joint initiative of the MGA Caddie Scholarship Fund, the Western Golf Association, and the Evans Scholars Foundation. One of the biggest sponsors of academic scholarships in the country, The Evans Scholars Fund provides full housing and tuition grants to a limited group of member organizations.


The Evans Scholarship is a tuition-based scholarship centered primarily on golf caddies with minimal financial resources, which covers all living and tuition expenses. 

Last academic year, about  1,100 Evans Scholars enrolled in 22 prestigious universities around the country. The Evans scholarship program has already granted  118 Caddie Academy graduates scholarships. Also, more than 11,815 qualified young men and women have received the Evans Scholar designation as they have completed their college degrees, ever since the college got established in 1930.

 Before taking in, or enrolling a student as an Evans Scholar, the examiners need to ensure that candidates have strong caddie records, superior academic performance, exemplary behavior, and clear evidence of urgent financial need.

 If you’re a Three-summer  WGA Caddie Academy graduate, then you’re eligible to apply, then you’re eligible to apply for the Evans Scholarship.


  1. Enrolment into an undergraduate program full-time, not less than twelve graded credits each year  
  2. Maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 each term; however, Evans Scholars Foundation encourages Evans Scholars to attain a GPA over 3.0, each term. 
  3. The GPA for the term in which the initial course mark was received remains unchanged if a course is retaken and given a fresh grade in a subsequent term. Nonetheless, the university will use its published official GPA to calculate an Evans Scholar’s overall GPA.  
  4. A scholar who fails a course must recite it immediately, as there is no grace period for incomplete grades. A grade that is not completed will be counted as an “F” until it is completed with a passing grade, which will determine the student’s scholarship probation and cancellation.
  5. At the start of each academic year, all Evans Scholars must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Because of this, Evans Scholars who receive grades below 2.5 in their spring term must attend summer school.
  6. All Evans Scholars must maintain a decent reputation in school and abide by the laws of the school. Thus, if a scholar is placed on disciplinary probation or is expelled from the University, such scholar automatically loses his/her scholarship.


  • Candidates must have played golf successfully and consistently for a minimum of two years. 
  • Candidates must be playing golf in the year with which they want to apply for the scholarship.  
  • Candidates must have finished their junior year in high school with a grade point average(above a B) in college-preparatory courses. However,  candidates who applied in 2022, have the option of selecting between the ACT and SAT 
  • A candidate who wishes to apply for the Evans Scholarship must be in urgent need of financial assistance, which such a candidate must prove. 
  • Candidates must be exceptional in character, while also possessing leadership traits.

By October 15, candidates who desire to receive the scholarship must have completed the entire application process, including supplementary materials like assessments, reference letters, transcripts, test results, a CSS profile, and FAFSA data.

 The committee will then begin to interview Finalists when the scholarship application of every student has been submitted. By April 1, 2023, the committee must have made its final decision in enrolling only qualified students.


Evans Scholarship: The Western Golf Association

If you started reading from the beginning, you’d notice that one of the sponsors of the Evans Scholarship is the Western Golf Association. The Western Golf Association is a co-host to the popular Evans Scholarship Program, hosting other six national golf tournaments. The association has also created 11 golf clubs in the City of Chicago, having its main office in Glenview, Illinois. The Western Golf Association was established in 1899, to foster golf sports in the United States of America.

Evans Scholarship: The Evans Scholars Foundation

The Evans Scholars Foundation was established by the renowned professional golfer Charles Chick Evans Jr., As well as the Western Golf Association. The Foundation seeks to provide complete housing and tuition scholarships to qualified caddies across the states in the United States of America. 

Right now, the Foundation has enrolled a record 1,045 caddies (golf players) at 19 campuses in the United States of America. More than 33,000 Evans Scholars Par Club members, as well as Evans Scholars Alumni, help to fund the scholarship program, of which the Western Golf Association is also among.

 Additionally, the earnings from the BMW Championship also help to fund the Evans Scholarship program. As stated earlier, over 11,300 caddies globally have completed their college education as Evans Scholars, since the Project’s inception in 1930.

Final Words

If you’re a golf player, and you’re interested in taking your golf play to the next level, then then the Evans Scholarship program. Whether or not you’re from the United States of America, you can still apply for the scholarship program. To know more about the scholarship program, visit the Western Golf Association Evans Scholarship Foundation website here


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