Termanology, Lil Fame, Jay Royale & Rome Streetz – Broad Day

Termanology shares a fiery new record from his new project, “Goya 3.”

The Goya brand has taken a few Ls in recent times, largely due to the CEO Robert Unanue’s support of Donald Trump. Unanue’s support for Trump’s election fraud prompted the Goya Food board of directors to put a muzzle on him. Needless to say, the Goya brand has taken a hit to their reputation but if there’s someone that could save it, it’s Termanology.

Term’s G.O.Y.A series is a staple in his catalog with a third installment set to arrive in a little over a month. He returned with a new single from the project titled, “Broad Day,” a menacing banger that brings it back to the essence of hardcore New York rap. Just straight bars and gutter production to nod your head to.

Check it out below. GOYA 3 drops on March 5th.

Quotable Lyrics
I violated a lotta n***as, you not the first
Yeah you see it, Santeria when I drop a verse
Pray to Padron saints, light a candle
Fuck squarin’ up, I took my chances gettin’ paid as a vandal

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