T.I,The Game plead Cardi to take back Offset,after crashing her set

Migos rapper Offset crashes Cardi B’s set at Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles on Saturday’s night.

Offset continued his public compunction to bring back his wife at the Banc of California Stadium, were he staged drama during Cardi’s set with flowers and a cake and displaying the plea “Take Me Back Cardi.”

Recall that Cardi B called off the relationship on Dec. 2 over cheating scandal, after Summer Bunni exposed that Star Brim, Card’s best friend, also had sex with Offset before she went to jail.”

“You know what, I am tired of being nice. @star_brim5 how about you tell them what happened between you and Offset. Let’s tell the whole truth. But y’all ain’t going to say nothing to her because you all scared!!! She fucked him before i did! That’s Cardi B best friend right?” she said

These allegations could have influenced her decision in calling off the relationship with whom she has a child, Kulture.

Early this month she came out to announce that they have grown out of love.

“I guess we grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore. I don’t know. It might take time to get a divorce and I’m gonna always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father and yah.”

However it seems that Offset is not giving up on winning back his beloved wife. He had in the past sent out a heartfelt video to estranged wife to take him back, that did not yield any result.
He took it to another level at the Banc of California stadium 

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Video obtained from the performance, shows

While the set ups and cakes were being rolled out, the DJ shouted, ‘Make some noise,’ Offset then took the stage to apologize with mixture of cheers and boos from the fans.

Cardi B was saying something very but wasn’t heard. She wasn’t pleased or moved by the stunt from Offset, and had the set up removed.
When Offset tries to reach for Cardi’s hand, she pulls back, still talking to her ex though her mic is held off to her side so the crowd can’t hear what she’s saying
Others on the bill for the two-day festival include Post Malone, who headlined on Friday night, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert and 21 Savage, among others. Cardi was the headliner on Saturday night.

There have been mixed reactions from the social media and fellow artists.

Cardi B meanwhile goes on social media and begs her fans to be kind to his baby Daddy, to not send him hate. 

Social media has been awash with reactions from fans and fellow artists.

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T.I responded to Offset’s video to Cardi B begging him to take him back. In the video posted on Instagram, the migos member expressed how he desires to spend the Christmas with her and their Daughter Kulture.
T.I commented, “I feel you bro” #TakeOffsetBack @cardib”, ain’t nobody perfect “.

Rapper The Game also gave his own view through Instagram, he advised Cardi B to forgive Offset because marriages lasted back in the day because couples didn’t give up after these little incidents.”

Tonight should have been about Cardi headlining the Rolling Loud festival.
Instead it’s all about what this dude did & how she reacted. No convos about her performance. In fact, it’s stealing thunder even from other performers tonight.
That’s selfish AF. That’s manipulation.


“Dude what Offset is doing to Cardi is really fucked up and weird and we need to take it seriously. Leave her alone, man. Let women leave you if you can’t honor the terms of your relationship.”

“Cardi should take Offset back”

okay let’s make a twist
would u be saying Offset should take Cardi back if Cardi was the one who went around fucking other dudes?

why do we make it look like it’s normal when guys cheat? i really don’t get it male privilege i guess”

“Cardi girl…. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all that in he middle of your show I CANNOT.”

“looks like offset turned into upset cause he finally realized what he had when it was TOO late”


“If cardi don’t take offset back she’s going to lose a very loyal fan”

It was really egoistic of Offset to crash Cardi’s show like that. He stole a huge moment from her as the first female rapper headlining this festival, and now everyone are talking about him instead of talking about her

No matter what she chooses to do next, what Cardi did tonight was important: she embarrassed him, which is what he has done to her—over and over—during her pregnancy, as her career was blowing up and with this ‘Take Offset Back’ campaign. He deserved it.

Offset interrupted Cardi’s set? Trash trash trash. That’s like your ex coming to beg for love back in the middle of your big presentation to the Board. Disrespectful, manipulative, gross. Tell him to go 3 part rap harmony an album instead.

We’ll definitely be updating with more info about Offset and Cardi B’s . It will be interesting to see where things go from here, especially with the holidays quickly approaching!
Will she accept him back? Let’s wait and see.

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