South African woman in an abusive relationship attacks her defenders

South African woman known as  Senzi Seh Prim Prim on Facebook has filed a criminal case against her defenders who   shared her a video that involves her and abusive partner Themba.

The video shows where the husband was physically abusing in the dark which ended the video abruptly.

The video sparked anger and reactions from many south Africans online, who have been waging war against Gender Based Violence, which has been on the increase in the country.

In a swift reaction, the said victim made a video where she was seriously warning and threatening to deal with those who are sharing the video and raising concern to mind their business.

She made several posts on Facebook, warning her defenders to mind their business.

I had to wake up and get my lawyer, voice heard at
the background, I’m filling in a report about this
video posted and made public without my
consent. maybe 1st if I was asked I would clarify
the conditions and dates and steps that were
taken.. but anyway my fight is with the concern
parties including OPERA.NEWS and someone
don’t even care know about “prince kb
wakhona..’ and the so called Teddy Duikker

Senzi Seh Prim Prim

In 24hrs I should have da case number. so next time
you think twice on becoming famous through others..If
you Charmaine are behind this,u should relocate.U are
the case of an Ex,get that through your thick skul…
Themba and I,can find you.. You and your bank mate
friend…Nxah shit

Senzi Seh Prim Prim

In response to another Facebook user Teddy Duikker Montwedi who shared the video,
She sternly warned her to stay away from her business.

Sisi, sfebe, stay away from My business,
who gave you the right into my business
day, If you don’t want me to open up a
case of harassment.. PUBLICLY
and next time get hr dates correct, dou
even know when this took place
sfebe???? Namashiya agobile nxah.. u
think u all that.. u not all that
yazi..Maybe ezakho …

Senzi Seh Prim Prim

But these things are not enough to convince her defenders and concerned people who understand that it could be an act of manipulation from Themba

A lot of people think Themba is also using her Facebook account.

Women in abusive relationship, often come out in defence of their abuser due to so many reasons.

This is the reality of abuse, It messes with their mind in so many ways  Chances are she is way too scared of Themba to accept any help. In her mind she is trapped and she sees no way of getting out even when offered a way out.

Calling her names and asking why she is not leaving him won’t help, especially when you’ve never been abused before and you don’t know the effects mentally.

Its a psychological battle known as Stockholm syndrome. She probably thinks she is nothing without him and it has probably taken years of normalisation.

Abuse will leave you feeling unworthy of anything over and above what is being given to you. It will make you feel like no one else can love you. It may even leave you thinking the only way to be loved is what you are exposed to at the time

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