South African President’s Son Rocks Bitcoin Socks at Inauguration

President elect, Cyril Ramaphosa was inaugurated as the sixth democratically-elected president of South Africa. His son, Tumelo, decided to sport some Bitcoin-themed socks at his father’s swearing-in.

The son of the president elect of South Africa, Tumelo Ramaphosa, is a known blockchain advocate in Africa. He organized the Unlocking Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg in August 2018.

Bearing this in mind, it did not come as a surprised when Tumelo decided to show up for his father’s inauguration ceremony wearing a bitcoin themed socks.

Tumelo joined the Bitcoin revolution back in 2010 and has remained an vocal about it ever since. The prices of livestock and other rare animals in South Africa can reach abnormally high levels and Tumelo plans to use his StudEx startup to digitize the ownership of cattle and livestock assets.

This year will see Tumelo launch the first blockchain-focused university for young entrepreneurs in South Africa. He hopes that, through education, South Africa and the rest of the continent can build a bridge to the thriving blockchain industry in the United States and elsewhere.

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