South African Men Are Lazy, Jobless, Infertile, Roaches – Boity And Mihlali

Mihlali speaks out on Twitter about how women should live their lives how they want without the men interfering, Saying if she wants, she can go out on dates with different men every week that it’s called “social mingling especially for a woman trying to find love” and that the men have no right over a woman’s body saying “men need to stop thinking the have a f***king opinions on a woman’s body and their decisions, it has nothing to do with you, you are not going to come and start policing by behaviour, my decisions”.

In response to What Mihlali said and replies of some men on Twitter, Boity Thulo, South African actress and Tv Host in support of her tweeted;

“Men on this app are annoying. They want to threaten me and throw all sort of insults about my body, my sexuality, my intellect, my fertility, etc but they wanna throw b**ch fits when I call them unemployed roaches”.

Do these roaches not have jobs?! Sitting, b**chin and gossiping on twitter all day? Sies.

These tweets from Mihlali and Boity set Twitter on fire and divided, while they women were in full support of their Tweets they men on the other hand were offended by they post, this led to a reply to Mihlali and Boity post by Mr Handsome saying

This nonsense must stop, this fake doll Mihlali should have adress the man that treated her bad and called her whatever she didn’t like, this thing of fake women coming to Twitter and swearing at the entire men population should not be encouraged. It is totally uncalled for.

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