Snoop Dogg – Let Bygones Be Bygones

  • Artist Name: Snoop Dogg
  • Featuring: nil
  • Song Title: Let Bygones Be Bygones
  • Album: I Wanna Thank Me
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: August, 2019
  • Sources: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Snoop Dogg Pays Homage To Suge Knight On “Let Bygones Be Bygones”

Snoop Dogg – Let Bygones Be Bygones. Snoop Dogg has released his latest song, one that sees him pay homage to Suge Knight.

In the song Snoop explained how he feels about Suge Knight, with a line like, “Me and Suge Knight cool as a motherfucka,” “But I had to get that cool. I had to sit down with Suge.” “I was at the motherfuckin’ top,” “When I hit my n***a and said you need to grab Pac.”. “This man changed my life,” he admits. “Shit. We made history together, I’m talking about real history.”

We we aware of things that have happens between these two, it is still surprising to see Snoop go down this memory lane in an emotional but classical way.

There is no doubt, that this tribute was conceived from innermost part of his heart. Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics

That n***a picked n***as up
Gang bang on NY stages, hittin’ n***as up
Ya’ll remember that? Yeah he did some bullshit, I’m admitting that
But comin’ at a real crip like he ain’t one
Especially when he helped fuckin make one
On the dead homies, I was at the motherfuckin’ top
When I hit my n***a and said you need to grab Pac

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