Sjavas Da Deejay – Rise of The Underdogs Album

Sjavas Da Deejay – Rise of The Underdogs Album Download.

Sjavas Da Deejay gifted his fans with something beautiful when he dropped off his new ten track album titled “Rise of The Underdogs”. The project features some more familiar names like Freddy K, and Buddy M and some relatively unfamiliar names like LK Deepstix, Akhona, and ZeroDaDeejay.

Check it out below.


  • Impilo (feat. LK Deepstix & Akhona)
  • What I want (feat. LK Deepstix & Mella)
  • Uyaphi (feat. LK Deepstix & Akhona)
  • ROTUD (feat. LK Deepstix)
  • Come back (feat. LK Deepstix, Akhona, Buddy M & ZeroDaDeejay)
  • Turn up (feat. LK Deepstix & BuddyM)
  • Game over (feat. LK Deepstix & ZeroDaDeejay)
  • Paradise (feat. LK Deepstix & Freddy K)
  • Soldier (feat. LK Deepstix)
  • Final Destination (feat. LK Deepstix)


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