Scoop asks Cassper,AKA,Kwesta to quit Music.

South African Actor, On Air Personality, Scoop whose real name is Siyabonga Ngwekazi has asked veteran Hip-Hop artists like Cassper Nyovest AKA, Kwesta to quit music.

Scoop made this known during a podcast programe POPcast S2E22 – Artists making merch, Black Is King Film, Importance of having a Manager on Youtube.

He suggested that old music artist who have been here for long should give way for having nothing new to say, and no new ways of saying it.

A lot of dudes that are veteran in the game i feel like they should a recording break. AKA, CASSPER, KWESTA I feel like should go a year not release music,and just chill, pardon me, we always gravitate what they have to say, because i know the story, but i feel like there are a lot of new n**gas that we might not be playing, especially on the mixes, that are making much more better music than the established acts, especially those that have been here close to a decade right now, that’s how i feel, but it is hard for n**gas not to make music, but i just feel like a lot of the old n**gas have nothing new to say, and they have no new ways of saying it.

Siyabonga Ngwekazi (SCOOP)

In response to this, Cassper responded stating that the case does not apply to him as he long released an album since 2 years ago.

This doesn’t apply to me at all. Firstly, my last album was 2 years ago. My music never ever sounds the same. I am always in the streets hence i catch on to the next SOUND before anyone does whether ke piano or drill. Lastly, my next album drops Sep 11th & it’s fucking amazing!!!

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is not alone on this, as Kwesta hasn’t released an album since 2016 while Kiernan hasn’t dropped a strictly hip hop album since 2014.

AKA responds also suggesting that Scoop said nonsense.

Scoop is my brother, my guy, but sometimes he can really talk nonsense.


In all honesty, they have actually taken serious break, and during those break, they left serious vacuum, yet to be filled as we witnessed the decline of SA hip hop.

In the word of J.COLE on gating keeping the hip-hop industry “would you take a break please rapper” crew.

There’s room for everyone, nobody needs to take a break and give anybody a chance in the industry. Music is universal, everyone enjoys different type of music and it serves many different purposes.

One of the reasons why veterans like Tuks, Amu even late HHP fizzled out of the conversation is because, they took the so called breaks from the industry.

The industry doesn’t wait for nobody, as soon as you take a break, you will be forgotten in industry because relevance is the most important thing.

True the real reason SA HipHop falls behind USA is because of these breaks. Artists should make music, remain relevance.

We don’t have a single rapper who has released more than 10 albums in South Africa and that’s not good

Meanwhile, Scoop has been on radio since Cassper, Kwesta & Kiernan were upcoming rappers and now he wants them to take a break to give new age rappers a chance? If there’s someone who needs to take a break here, I think we all know who that is.

Updated: July 9, 2020 — 2:58 pm

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