Russ – Paranoid

Listen to the new “Paranoid” Single performed by Russ.

Shortly after he announced the release of book It’s All In Your Head, Russ has dropped another new single. The track, titled“Paranoid,” is Russ’ fourth new release of the year, and follows “AINT GOIN BACK,” “All I Want” and “Civil War.”

Production on Paranoid is credited to Boi-1da, Rowan, and MNO – whom Russ previously collaborated with on his summer bop “Civil War”.

According to HNHH the song and it’s title was inspired by a time the musician thought someone had broken into his house but later realized that there was actually nobody there.

The track is a slower melody than its preceding “Civil War,” and features Russ’ classic smooth vocals over a chilled-out and steady beat, fit with guitar riffs to add to the relaxed and nostalgiac vibes. Check out the song below.

I ain't gonna lie, every night I got stress
I ain't gonna lie, I've been thinking I'm next
That's why I got a gun to the right and a gun down the hall and a gun to the motherf*cking left
That's why I got cameras all over the place Fame ain't as glamorous as everyone thinks

Click here to get the song.

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