Rouge – No Cap Freestyle Lyrics

No Cap Freestyle Lyrics by Rouge

Rouge – No Cap Freestyle Lyrics. Here is the lyrics to the song No Cap performed by South African rapper, Rouge.

You be nagging me for the things I must do the things that must be done (Seven Seven)
Yeah (Seven Seven)

I keep it one hundred
The show on three hundred
Sporty Kick a bitch into darkness
You mav working overtime all the time but
I’m the only GOAT
You work while the Henny pours
Instead I have a flight cos you many more
No matter how elevated I kiss the floor but I’m that bitch with a thousand niggas at the door

Push you die day
Somebody said I make a right white father cos I’m light skinned
But the mail o them pop, got drop I don’t even check my mail gotta check my dm
That’s how to get me quick these days
That’s how i’m getting rich these days
I cut the third man keep the profit to myself
Or everybody gotta split three ways
Ishuu Ishuu bitch I score every time I shoot like
Ishuu Ishuu
Makitini bout to give it this school

Yo o Money
Cos ah need soni
You niggas dunno me
but you gon learn it

I nick tuck like exaggerate
I don’t guess cos you heard of me
On a hush 2020 had to come quick

I see you niggas making campaigns
But the God I serve got me all day
I didnt even have to book a flight
The fela bitch made it all sway

Dila everyday con di pa
Just di dilav everyday tu neri pa lungwa
Fela, let the queen speak a la vhectua
Try to say it without laughing
Who’s sane enough to come after
Cos both never let the wrong persons
Stand at the throne
Amma sit without asking

E te Nanla peti
Lotananda Nakobete
E te Nanla peti
Lomoko totalina mina bati

Tumela me Masamo Tumela me
Tumela me Masamo Tumela me
What do you want from me
What do you want from me
Tumela me Masamo Tumela me

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