Rico Nasty – Welcome To The Party Remix

  • Artist Name: Rico Nasty
  • Featuring: nil
  • Song Title: Welcome To The Party Remix
  • Album: nil
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: July, 2019
  • Sources: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Rico Nasty Snaps Like Only She Can On “Welcome To The Party Remix”

Rico Nasty – Welcome Party Remix. This is the latest song to get a remix treatment from Spazzy female emcee Rico Nasty.

The dynamic instrumental of the song encourages Rico to Spazz out like a Lion recently introduced into it’s Pride. You can hear as she pushes her throat to its peak, so much so you can almost hear the tissue tearing. “She act like a thot, she get hit EW,” warns Rico, “new color whip, wanna get in, but ya’ll can’t fit.” Let her talk her shit. She’s earned it.

Scoop the new song below.

Welcome To The Party – Quotable Lyrics

Riding in a coupe blacker than Obama
I just signed a new deal and it got three commas
Please be silent, my bitches be wildin’


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