Rick Ross – Maybach Music VI (Ft. Lil Wayne & John Legend)

Rick Ross – Maybach Music VI. The penultimate song of the album, and perhaps the most anticipated is the collaboration between Lil Wayne, John Legend, and Rick Ross. Initially this was supposed to be a collaboration that included Pusha T but the standing beef between Weezy and Pusha would eventually lead to a change in line-up.

John Legend saves the day on Maybach Music VI feat. Lil Wayne

John Legend comes in and assumes vocal duties, which is well within his usual territory while Lil Wayne and Rozza both deliver their respective verses in-between.

  • Artist Name: Rick Ross
  • Featuring: John Legend and Lil Wayne
  • Song Title: Maybach Music VI
  • Album: Port of Miami 2: Born To Kill
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, SA Hip Hop
  • Release Date: August 9, 2019
  • Sources: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Rick Ross – Maybach Music VI (Quotable Lyrics)

Let’s go for a ride to where your heart desire
I put your heart in drive, I’ll let you borrow mine
My feet on top the clouds, I walk a thousand miles
She got them soft pussy lips, call it cotton mouth
And I’m on autopilot, got a larger closet
I’m at target practice, you at Target shoppin’
Second hand smoke got her vision partly cloudy
Her eyes get so watery, them bitches started drownin’

On the ride of a lifetime
Watch out for the rats, mice, cons and the pythons
No Triple H, my God, I’m so sky high
Comin’ down from the night sky, like a lightening rod
Shine like some ice, nice vibes, like a kite flyin’
No strings attached, we replace it with a lifeline
Out of body feelin’, out our clothes and our right minds
Baby, ride me like a bumpy road to the high rise, yeah, yeah
– Lil Wayne


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