Rah Ali Loses Baby To Premature Birth, Nicki Minaj Offers Support

In rather unfortunate news, “Love & Hip Hop” star Rah Ali reportedly loses baby 5 months into her pregnancy. TMZ reports that Her close friend and ally Nicki Minaj is trying really hard to console her friend in this time of immense emotional turmoil.

Sources say that the baby was only alive for a mere few minutes before passing away.

TMZ confirmed the sorrowful news, adding that the mother wasn’t alerted of any troubles during her pregnancy.

The premature birth also comes a a shock to everyone close to Rah because none of her previous visits to the doctors revealed that there were any red flags in her pregnancy.

Nicki Minaj and Rah Ali have been close forever. Remember that New York Fashion Week incident last year? It was reportedly Rah who was responsible for putting that knot on Cardi’s head.

TMZ reposts that Nicki has been by her friend’s side during this extremely difficult time, doing all that she can to relieve any stress.

Our condolences to Rah and er family for her tragic loss.

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