Priddy Ugly Magnum Opus Lyrics

Magnum Opus Lyrics by Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly Magnum Opus Lyrics. Check out the full Magnum Opus lyrics below.

Thank You, Thanks, Thank You
This is my Magnum Opus
Haters wishing I was sad and hopeless
But I’m mad devoted
I’m manning up, I hope my dad can notice
Look at this body that this daddy look at
Baby pass the potion
Unlock the mind that you have and open
Oh my mama you gon find me and i’m finally focused
Wanna purchase me some land where I plan the opera
In reality I’m bruised but I finally …

I used to wear my, Monday clothes for one day more
Been dripping since I was one day old
Thanking the heavens, from the billion
I’m the one they chose
I used to fear they’ll never clap now I don’t want applause
Oh you wanna know what fame is, It’s a one way road

I’m the story but the truth isn’t the one they sold
Now we fearing for the siblings of the sons they owe

Bittersweet like the bees with the honey combs
When the sees that they rigged with the ones they sold
When you water it is green
If currency grew on trees just be carful of the weeds where the money grows
Some friends are picture perfect but some they pose

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