Priddy Ugly Glory Lyrics

Glory Lyrics by Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly Glory Lyrics. Check out the full lyrics below.

I would like to write my mistakes
But I had so many turns, how many rights would it take
How much I gotta write before the break
Learn to keep on the right side of the gate
Or in the night you get ate
Trade in your life for some change
It’s a shame it recycled the the pain
Put ice on a sprain – ain’t no ice for the pain
Payed the price, got some ice but your life’s still the same
Your mind filled with rage with no riffle range
If you live for the fame you gon’ die for the game
How you gon hit your target if you stifled your aim
You gotta spark your heart with the light in your brain
Ignite the membrane
Don’t get blinded by the lights in your face
Hard work means sacrificing nights for the days
It’s a marathon you gotta know that life’s not a race
You gotta add a little bit of spice to your taste
Making real art leaves you a slight bit insane
I see you quite entertained that I’m slightly deranged
Give a fuck what the hype beast are sayin
I’m unlikely to change
If she likes dragon balls then she might meet a Saiyan
Killing all these rappers so I might be detained
The results of leaving Mike in a cage
You niggahs more like mice in a cage
So really you live life in a maze
I’m nice like God with a the page
Every time I write I amaze
You niggahs more concerned bout some likes on your page
Hyping the place, need more mics when we rage
I’m on fire cut the lights on the stage
Thanking Badimo so I’m lighting this sage
Skill lightning never brought more light to your race
Jail time don’t eleviate the crime in your space
My people need more rice in their plates
You gotta add a little bit of spice to your taste
You gotta add a little bit more fight when you faced
With tides in your lake
That the dive you embrace
It’s okay, wipe the cry from your face

In my story
The seas were stormy
They calmed them for me
They didn’t ignore me
Give him the glory
In my story
Sibonga ma dlozi
Siyabonga Nkosi
Sibonga ma dlozi

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