Priddy Ugly – Every Mountain Got A Peak (Lyrics)

Every Mountain Got A Peak Lyrics by Priddy Ugly, Riky Rick & Wichi 1080

Priddy Ugly Every Mountain Got A Peak Lyrics.

Yeah I been bout… Since I was Pushing buttons in the east
Since my whip got some drip that’s been flooding in the streets
Press off buttons in the breeze
You got nothing in the speed
Im in Egypt I’m retired put my cousin on his knees

Since I ‘m young’n I been running from this stunning from the feet
Billion buzzing on your feet got hommies fussing on a G
Got me bumping on the people probably came in from the beast…

It’s a rumble in the jungle every mountain got a peak
now that mountain out of reach, finally grounded on the trees

I was born amazing I’m outstanding as we speak

Yeah Yeah Okay let’s do it like this (Very much so)
I’m better you niggas, I’m better you niggas
That started the name of the fu*ckn I’m very ambitious
It’s nothing but lucious I don’t fuck with niggas I’m just tryin to double my business
My kids didn’t listen now look at them now, fuck it they’re licking their dishes
Looking at me I’m better
You ain’t gotta show me love (love)
But me I’m the plug
I’ll still be here when you done
After you finish your run, I hope you have fun
I’ve gotta send you some fans
I got way too many songs
Fuckin with us is the problem
Fuckin with us is a issue
minute man hot now when you back down
nobody miss you
I put the shiit on my shoulders
I put money on the streets
Only one I see is Reece

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