Pivot Gang – SoHo Freestyle (Ft. KOTA The Friend)

  • Artist Name: Pivot Gang
  • Featuring: nil
  • Song Title: SoHo Freestyle
  • Album: Two-Piece Tour Pack
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: August, 2019
  • Sources: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Pivot Gang – SoHo Freestyle. When you listen to rap music these days, there’s something vocally evocative about pairing a sample-based instrumental and solid bars. This attribute is usually associated with the golden-era come and gone, and although there any many who still abide by the classic sonic aesthetic, and you’d be wise to refrain from labeling them “old soul.” One of such is, Saba and the Pivot Gang who are anything but oldies.

These group make up a squad of adaptive lyricists in the purest form of the art, as is evident across the understated but solid You Can’t Sit With Usthe eight rapper collective has decided to deliver an aperitif of sorts by way of the Two-Piece Tour Pack. 

Here’s how the song goes: Saba kicks it off with some of his signature turn-of-phrase, spitting “had a plan, grab a pan from my west‚ grab a band, girlfriend, she get sticky like an amphibian.” His Imagery hitting the bullseye. Mfn Melo, KOTA The Friend, and Frsh Waters all hold it down with a verse apiece, rounding out the Freestyle with a posse cut’s competitive energy.

When given a choice between this freestyle and Boogie & J.I.D’s “SoHo,” one has to wonder whether Southern Hollywood has become a low-key inspiration for today’s rising lyricists.

Check out the track below and Scoop it onto your device.

Pivot Gang SoHo Freestyle Feat. KOTA The Friend

Quotable Lyrics

Had a plan, grab a pan from my west‚ grab a bands
Girlfriend, she get sticky like an amphibian
I’m the man, 20 grand‚ Pivot Clan, that’s my band
And that shit for life, but it ain’t no tats on my skin
I get paid every K, then you hatin’ and shit
Got a care on my head, but this Bape on my fit
Runnin’ laps around the lands, on some Daytona shit

SCOOP: Pivot Gang Feat. KOTA The Friend – SoHo Freestyle

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