Ntate Stunna – Sesotho Fashioneng, “What We Know”

What do we know about MegaHertz’s debut album, Sesotho Fashioneng?

Lesotho rapper, Ntate Stunna attracted a lot of attention with his ingenious and equally artistic Sesotho Fashioneng album teaser video, Breaking News. The teaser earned him recognition from a lot of to South African musicians.

Stunna has been in the music scene in Lesotho for quite some time, despite his unique style he only began to gain wide spread attention and traction this year. His dedication and constant hard work have finally begun to pay off.

There isn’t much information right now regarding MegaHertz’s debut project, but here’s what we know.

  • The album release date was announced as 10th January. It’ll be available on digital stores.
  • The album will feature some international artists, most likely Donald Moatshe.


Despite Delays to the album release, Stunna came through for his fans and dropped off his Sesotho Fashioneng EP. Check it out below.


  1. Ntate Stunna – Ke Thata
  2. Ntate Stunna – Robari Freestyle
  3. Ntate Stunna – Maikutlo Aka I
  4. Ntate Stunna – Jozi State Of Mind
  5. Ntate Stunna – Make You Proud
  6. Ntate Stunna – Ho Tla Shwa motho
  7. Ntate Stunna – Sentse Le Shoele ft Malome Victor
  8. Ntate Stunna – Asambe
  9. Ntate Stunna – Ke U Ratile ft HBK

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Ntate Stunna / MegaHertz – Sesotho Fashioneng

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