NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow (Remix)

  • Artist Name: NLE Choppa
  • Featuring: Blueface
  • Song Title: Shotta Flow (Remix)
  • Album: n.a
  • Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: June, 2019
  • Written by: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Shotta Flow Remix Features NLE Choppa grinding it with Blueface.

Shotta Flow Remix. Sixteen year old viral rap sensation, NLE Choppa, is making his mark on the rap game slowly but surely. Although he has churned out a considerable amount of music since the original Choppa Flow, non managed to stand out. Today, NLE Choppa makes brings his breakout single back to life, giving it an official “Shotta Flow Remix “, assisted by the effervescent Blueface.


Stream the song for free below, or click here to get the song. That’s the scoop!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis
I’m with the shit like I’m Dennis
I started this shit I’ma finish
Niggas be hatin’, tryna blemish my image
Who want the smoke? .223 came with the scope
Extended clip long as a rope
We wipe his nose, just like he had him a cold
I knew that boy was a ho

Blueface, baby
Yeah, yeah, aight
Bitch, I’m a Loc, MAC with the scope
I am big homie, one phone call they go
Pick the wrong side, Glock put him court side
Now he watchin’ this shoot from the flo’
Ooh, hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, let me switch the flow
Choppa got a choppa, make a wrong move, bet he pop ya’
Bitch call me daddy, bitch call me papa
That boy baloney, bitch, I’m vegan
You now if I hit it, then it was on camera
Hopped off the bus then hopped in a Porsche (Panamera)
Four G’s sittin’ on a four piece with a biscuit
I play with fire, sometimes I burn bridges
Bet you ain’t ever met a nigga love swimmin’
Pull up like Tracy McGrady from the Pistons
Gotta keep a pistol for a fuck nigga dissin’
Bet this choppa make him dance like a disco


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