Nigerians are leaving South Africa amidst xenophobic attacks.

Nigerians are leaving South Africa amidst xenophobic attacks.

Nigerians have gathered outside the Nigerian consulate. They are getting into the busses so that they can be transported to the airport. First flight out of South Africa is at 9am.

Nigerians in front of Nigerian consulate

There are over 600 Nigerians who have opted to leave South Africa due to the recent Xenophobic Attacks
An indigenous private Airline known as Air Peace has offered to transport Nigerians who are willing and ready to go back to their country.

Many mothers with their children are queuing to get a seat on the bus as quick as possible. Over 600 Nigerians have taken up the option to leave the country due to the recent Xenophobic Attacks

One bus has already taken the first load. There are two more busses stationed outside.

No one is allowed to speak to the media which looks like a clear instruction from the consulate they say.

Report gathered from some people on the side, stated that majority of Nigerians who have opted to leave haven’t been affected by the recent Attacks but they are seizing the opportunity to get the first flight to go back home.
“We suffering here, we would rather suffer at home” one said.

to Airport

Reporter followed them Bus to Tambo Airport.
Nigerians were seen unpacking their bags from the bus to get into the check in queue.

Many of them say “It’s time to go home”
Nigerian government has offered a free flight home for those who wish to leave at the back of xenophobic attacks

There are more busses on the way to airport Many are still queuing before they are allowed through to the check in area.

On speaking to man who introduced himself as a writer barer his mind on the incident.

According to him “he wants to go back home because he isn’t welcome in SA.

He says he is hurt that “other African brothers are doing this”

We approached a mother with 3 young children. She says she is leaving to ensure the safety of her children.

She narrated how she was sleeping with one eye open due to the Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians

At the airport there a delay due to expired passports.
Meanwhile man young kids were excited to leave saying they want to leave SA and go back home.

We met a mechanic who shared how his properties were destroyed. According to him, two of his cars were burnt last week.

He stated that the issue isn’t South Africans, it’s the government who doesn’t give opportunities to its people.

Some Nigerians at the airport have been sent back because they have travel documents for themselves but not for their children and they now need to sort that out before they can board the flight.

More families waiting to see if they can get back to sort out documents. They can’t board the plane without proper documents for both them and children.

This would be another concern for those who have prepared already.

It is mandatory for everyone to be documented before they embark on a flight.

Nigerian Passengers were seen boarding the plane.There are more expectation on second plane to arrive tomorrow.

But however it ends, we will bring you up to speed the latest development.
Tell us what you think about this.

Is the attack justified?

Updated: September 11, 2019 — 3:54 pm

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