New Wave UG Drops “A DREAM IS BORN” Documentary

Something special is happening to the music scene in Uganda, something unusual and revolutionary.

New Wave UG is a a collection of producers, artistes and sound technicians destroying the myth that great music is not being made in Uganda. This is the official documentary reliving scenes from August 11th 2020 when the NEW WAVE OG sessions took at T – Homes Apartments in Kampala, Bunga.

“Our first venture into music was to attempt something that is already difficult in normal times but in a pandemic is almost impossible. We decided that we would record a music album in a day. We rented out an entire two-story-apartment and turned it into a music studio with 3 operating stations. We then sent out an invitation to all the creatives in the country inviting them to join us in two days to record the album. “COME CREATE” was the call. On the 11th of August more than 37+ Ugandan artistes answered our call. This was all documented on 3 different cameras. Rappers competed for beats producers would play at random selection. Whoever wanted it the most had to jump on a mic immediately and astound the producer to claim it. All verses, hooks and music was written on the spot and we recorded an entire “studio album” in under 9 hours set for release very soon. We wanted to reach out to you to be part of this process. We want to leverage your platform to air our documentary “A Dream is Born” to the masses. We believe the time is ripe for a Ugandan music revival.”

Updated: March 31, 2021 — 4:22 pm

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