Nasty C – Uno Remix Lyrics

Nasty C – Uno Remix Lyrics. Last Friday, South African rap prodigy Nasty C came through with a surprise release, “Uno Remix“. Check out the lyrics below.

[Verse 1]

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeee)
Ivyson is my religion but I’m God though
Lotta green Lotta chips like nachos
Big screen just to watch a hater nigga die slow
Lighting up green tote beams like a light show
Sip lean eat a lot of pussy like dyke hoes
Bitch I’m a star, side by side with a type hoe
That means she a TYPO
Illovo my home
Try me , you gon’ be in God’s home
I get the money like a joke ha ha Ho
Open up the safe and i scream te amo nigga
I be in and outta offices
Because the money talkative
Pinky finger , ring finger, middle finger for the officers
Still give it up to everyone like an orphanage
Tall Racks Boss man , nah you can’t talk to him
Short nigga, but these niggas money still ain’t tall as him. Damn
Now I’m turning Sam to a bossy bitch
And i’m turning Row into a flossy and a saucy bitch
Curtain call nigga, the shows over
Im a hot nigga given wm the cold shoulder
Lil nigga i’ll make one of my hoes roast ya
I want a whip with the doors that be overdosing
SUMO en route hoes
Filling up the OCBs like Thuto
My bullshit walks in some new Loubs ho
My money talks like scoop, bro you know


Uno dos tres thot hoes
Diamonds dancing and they hugging thats squad goals
Shawty bad and the ass so phat
She gon make a nigga dance to amapiano

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeee)
Ivyson is my religion but I’m God though
So when you talkin to me better keep your eyes closed
All about the peace but its fuck the other side, so

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeee)
Im clean but my double cup not though
I like kwaito and amapiano
But i could never turn hip hop into a side hoe nigga



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