Mzansi Magic Tv Series Gomora Cast

Gomora is a new South African Telenovela that airs on Mzansi Magic every weekday on DSTV Now.

What is Gomora about?

Gomora is about a woman, Thathi who struggled to escape from her lowly, humble township roots and makes it big as a hotshot Sandton socialite. But then, a series of events leads it all to come crashing down around her and suddenly she’s back where she started, in the hustle and bustle of Alexandra township which, although just down the road from her previous life, feels like a million miles away. And then she finds herself at the heart of its underworld.

Here’s a list of the cast of the Tv show and their real names.

Thathi played by Katlego Danke

Thathi grew up in Alex with her mother, Sonto and her sister, Pretty. She knew struggle as a child, although her mother was always able to provide for her through various criminal enterprises. Thathi was always the most beautiful girl in school, the most charismatic, and the most popular.

Thathi chose the easy life offered by her new husband, Mbongeni. She raised two children with Mbongeni in the beautiful mansion he bought for their family. She’s never worked a day in her life.

Mbongeni played by Themba Ndaba

Gomora cast member themba ndaba dstvnow x
Gomora cast member themba ndaba dstvnow x

Mbongeni is the CEO and also one of the major shareholders of CBS bank. He is a typical alpha male figure who is extremely confident in his abilities. He married his wife Thathi when he was in his late 20s and had just started the bank.

For many years he had been stealing money from clients, and at the beginning of the show, nemesis finally catches up with him, and he realizes he’s going to lose everything.

Mam’Sonto played by Connie Chiume

Mam’Sonto was abandoned by the father of two children, Thathi and Beauty, at an early age and thus she was forced to raise them as a single mother. Over the years she grew to be strong, strict and powerful.

At first, she bootlegged alcohol and then she gradually delved into other criminal enterprises. She never thought what she was doing was wrong – it was the only thing that she could do to keep food on the table for her family. She runs a shisa’nyama with her daughter Beauty.

Gladys played by Thembi Seete

Gladys is a social worker in Alex. She is a tough cookie. She’s the kind of person who will break the rules, as long as the results are good. She is street-smart and tough, and fervently believes in uplifting the community in which she works.

She is a mother to Ntobeko, but she is often so distracted by her work in the community that she doesn’t have enough time for him. Gladys is always adopting street kids or helping the less privileged. She ends up spending most of her money on helping others and keeps very little for herself.

Melusi played by Zolisa Xaluva

Melusi, married to Gladys, is the principal at the school in Alex. He is an extremely hard-working and principled man. He has ensured, through hard work and determination and his ability to inspire children and parents alike, that his school has a 100 percent pass rate.

He is very tough on his only child Ntokozo. Melusi is a pillar of the community. He and Gladys are seen as an upstanding family in Alex, helping keep the whole community together.

Ntokozo played by Ntobeko Sishi

Ntokozo is the son of Melusi and Gladys. He is extremely smart, and very good-looking. However, he has always struggled in his family. From the outside, it looks like he has it all – the good looks, the intelligence, the perfect family. But it’s hard being Ntokozo. He feels enormous pressure to perform, but also has an extremely strict family environment.

He chooses to seek out the kind of love and appreciation he doesn’t get at home, in all the wrong places. He seeks affirmation from the dodgy elements and criminals in Alex.

Buhle played by Amamkele Qamata

Buhle is the second child to Thathi and Mbongeni. She is a beautiful young girl, who takes after her mother. Unlike her brother, she is extremely popular at school – the queen of the in-crowd Everybody adores her, and looks up to her. But like her mother, she can be a bit of a snob. She is sassy, funny, and always speaks her mind, even if what she says might sometimes be hard to swallow.

Langa played by Siyabonga Xaba

Langa is the first-born son of Thathi. He has grown up in luxury in Sandton, with a successful father and a beautiful mother. He is serious, smart, even earnest. He was a nerd in high school, in love with science and computer games. When their father dies, and he’s forced to return to Alex with his mother, he struggles enormously to fit into a township school and existence, because he’s known luxury all his life.

Mazet played by Siphesihle Ndaba

Mazet is the gorgeous and dangerous young woman who tempts Ntokozo into a life of crime. She is an Alex girl, born and bred. She is feisty, but she has a tragic quality too. She is the product of an extremely broken home, the victim of abuse and an extremely unsavoury history. She went to work for Mam’Sonto and found the mother figure she never had at home.

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