Murs & The Grouch – Thees Handz

Stream & Download Murs & The Grouch Thees Handz

Former members of the Living Legend group, Murs & The Grouch returned today with a new song titled Thees Handz. The former group members announced that they’re forming a duo called Thees Handz, and with the announcement they also released a two track EP that includes “Thees Handz” as well as “Be Nice”.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, The Grouch explain that while both he and Murs didn’t see eye to eye while they were in the Living Legend group, much has changed and they have now come to understand each other better. Their new EP is just an introduction to give fans a taste of what they have in store. The full length album drops on the 8 of November.

Peep the new songs below.

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