MoroQu – Take Me [EP]

Download MoroQu Take Me EP

MoroQu’s “Take Me” EP is a fusion of Deep, Afro & Techno elements with a Soulful touch, all blended to keep dancefloors busy & chill zones peaceful, it’s almost like magic. Download, listen and leave a comment below.

RELEASE: MoroQu – Take Me [EP]
GENRE: House Music
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Tapedeck Produkxion
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 50.9 MB


  1. MoroQu – Take Me (Original Mix)
  2. MoroQu – Your Heart (Original Mix)
  3. MoroQu – Congo Weed’ow (Original Mix) (feat. Refskills)
  4. MoroQu – Step Aside (Original Mix) (feat. Elson Blues & Rodsfurie)

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