Migos & 2 Chainz – Deadz

It’s likely that declaring Migos’ Culture album to be a classic would spark debate in certain hip-hop circles. For some, the Atlanta trio’s iconic sound — which many have taken to calling a “triplet flow” — played a role in diluting the integrity of real hip-hop. For others, it marked a refreshing new sound, one that ultimately opened the door for a variety of imitators, some more effective than others. Undeniably, however, Culture emerged as one of the most impactful albums of 2017, boasting singles like “Bad & Boujee,” “Slippery,” and the aggressive 2-Chainz-assisted banger “Deadz,” which features one of their most infectious hooks to date.

Off the bat, foreboding horns evoke the vibe of a battle march, arranged under the watchful eye of Cardo Got Wings; it’s exactly the sort of banger that requires little lyricism to shine, capable of turning even the most generic line into a solid-sounding bar. Luckily, Migos bring plenty of character to the table, with Quavo’s descriptions of anaconda-sized money standing out as a shining example. And while none of the contributing emcees opt to deliver lengthy verses, Takeoff makes the most of it with a blistering verse, stealing the show with a standout performance.

With Culture having been released four years ago to this day, perhaps it’s time to revisit the album — and who knows? Perhaps enough time has passed for a new coat of nostalgia to form. Sound off with your thoughts on the acclaimed Migos project in the comments below, and keep an eye out for the third and final chapter of the Culture saga, coming soon. 


Hop out the bed and I’m countin’ them faces
I jump out the whip and them bitches start faintin’
No 20s or 50s, just Benjamin Franklins
Block on lock, call me Kurt Angle
I keep the banger, my brother, my partner
Don’t fuck with no strangers, they tryna get famous

Updated: January 27, 2021 — 5:09 pm

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