Method Man Blessed Scott Storch’s Keys On Is It Me

Today marks a major milestone occasion for one of hip-hop’s legendary lyricists, with Method Man officially celebrating his 50th birthday. Though the Wu-Tang bar-spitter needs no introduction, it certainly feels appropriate to highlight one of his many timeless tracks in honor of the big day. This one harkens back to 2006, when Method Man delivered his fourth studio album 4:21…The Day After on Def Jam Records. Though the project as a whole was slightly divisive, many agreed that the Scott Storch-produced “Is It Me” was an easy highlight from the project.

Blessed by some melancholic keys laced by the Piano Man in the midst of a triumphant run, Meth’s calm and collected demeanor shines throughout as he whips up some effortless flow-schemes. “Ask Def Jam what’s hot, three letters, M-E-F Man,” he spits. “Been stopped, that’s off-top, young, fresh to death / And you’re not, no matter what the job, I’m the best man / Rap C.E.O. minus the yes-man.”

Though some might have been put off by Meth’s deviation from RZA’s grimy production into something more pristine, others welcomed his foray into different territory. Years removed from the release of 4:21…The Day After, how do you feel this one has withstood the test of time? Check it out now, and be sure to show some love to the birthday man of the hour. Happy 50th Meth!


As I brush off my shoulder, that’s right
My ni*ga Scott Storch keep bringing it back like
Oh boy, dig it, I talk about it and I live it
Been there, did it, shitted and wiped my ass with it
These critics saw the train for brains and must have missed it
If they ain’t got the shit, they’ll never get it  

Updated: March 2, 2021 — 5:05 pm

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