Mbongeni Ngema – Freedom is Coming Tomorrow (Remix) ft Emtee

Mbongeni Ngema is releasing Freedom is Coming Tomorrow (Remix) ft Emtee, Saudi, Reason, Tamasha, Gigi Lamayne, and MJ Machaba

With South Africa celebrating Youth Month, and commemorating the fallen soldiers of June 16. It is only fitting that legendary writer and composer Mbongeni Ngema, is releasing a remix to his famous song Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow.

The hit song was one of the most loved songs in the musical Sarafina, which he produced that depicted students involved in the Soweto Riots, in opposition to apartheid. The Freedom remix is a fusion of old school meets new school sound.

Mbongeni will be collaborating with some South Africa’s renowned musicians such as Emtee, Reason, Gigi Lamayne, Blacklez, Saudi, Tamasha, and MJ Machaba.

The song is definitely one for the books. The lyrics talk about freedom and the current pandemic the country is facing Covid-19, the lyrics are inspiring and the overall message to the fans and fellow South Africans is to keep on pushing and never give up.

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