Master KG – Skeleton Move ft. Zanda Zakuza

Listen to the 2018 hit song Master KG – Skeleton Move ft, Zanda Zakuza, which was also nominated for the Best song in South Africa in 2018.

Master KG Skeleton Move ft, Zanda Zakuza Audio / Video

Master KG (real name, Kgaogelo Moagi ) and Zanda Zakuza have concocted a timeless House banger with Skeleton Move. The song which went on to win the best Summer Song in 2018 has continued to make rounds on our playlists.

The Afrohouse record has an infectious instrumental that will leave you nodding, shaking and dancing (like a skeleton) and has captured house fans all around Africa with Zanda putting on meaningful lyrics.

Check out the song and video below:


Although the song is credited to Master KG, popular DJ Lenyemo, (real name Masilo Peter Molele) came out in February to accuse Master KG of theft of intellectual property and pulling a stunt on him.

Skeleton Move Controversy

Telling his side of the story, DJ Lenyemo revealed that it was back in 2015 that Master KG produced the song and gave him for gratis in a bid to test if the public would like it.

DJ Lenyemo claims he named Skeleton Move
DJ Lenyemo

“I thanked him for giving me the song and played it at almost all of my gigs. When I realised that people loved it, I named the song Skeleton Move. Later I shot the video with people dancing to it and posted it on YouTube with the caption ‘Skeleton Move – Pantsula Dance’ to market it,” he said.

Source: sowetanlive

Lenyemo said that he felt betrayed when the song was released without his knowing, considering the great relationship he had with Master KG.

Master KG went ahead to confirm that the song was indeed given it’s name by DJ Lenyemo, he also added that he could not credit the song to Lenyemo because they no longer had a working relationship.

“How was I supposed to credit him because he was no longer taking my calls and not even talking to me when I wanted to release the song?

“When I released that song, our relationship was dead because he thought he was happening and bigger than me at that time,” he said.


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