Mashbeatz ft IMP Tha Don – A Don’s Testimony (Lyrics)

A Don’s Testimony Lyrics by MashBeatz ft Imp Tha Don

Mashbeatz A Don’s Testimony Lyrics. Here’s the full lyrics for A Don’s Testimony written by Imp Tha Don & MashBeatz.

Stability Financially, that’s where I’m tryna get at
Nig*as shooting shots but they ain’t ready for that kick back
That feedback is gonna have little niggas on they ass
Looking up to a god, welcome to my rap class

Let’s discuss the situation and rap now
Trust nobody, speaking on facts now
Everybody wanna rap but you niggas ain’t pharaohs
You ain’t even that close

You ain’t getting cheese cos you lactose intolerant
The game is a bitch and I’m right here on top of her
She like me cos I’m popular
My name growing in the streets I’m trying to get my gwala up
Any kind of currency i promise I’mma run it up

Afflict you niggas cant dasi
A rose has grown with it’s thorns from the concrete
Hard times can’t stop me, everyday i’m locked in
My street ni*gas watching for money making options

And i just smile and wave and let the pen win , I’m driven for it
They mad i guess cos then ghost like it’s written for me
No double r’s but I’m barred like I’m breaking laws
It’s up to y’all as a lawyer or in a prison yard

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