MashBeatz ft A-Reece – Red Tuesday (Lyrics)

Red Tuesday Lyrics by MashBeatz & A-Reece

MashBeatz ft A-Reece – Red Tuesday Lyrics. Check out the full Red Tuesday Lyrics by MashBeatz.


I was gutter when you met me
Gutter when you left me
Gutter when you came back, face it nothing can change that
Look me in my eye, I’m serious when I say that
It ain’t just because I got method man on playback
Honestly a product of the city that I was raised at
I don’t even know who she be with the way she stare that
Always trying to get me is this is your payback
You acting like I took you out and made you pay half
Far from the person that I’m portrayed as
Words cannot explain how much I hate that
I’ve said some words that i wish i could take back
I’m looking past that i ain’t tryna entertain that
You looking passed it letting go of what we both have
We both mad, where do we go from here bobby road map
What good is being better if you always thought it wont last


You believe there you go I said it
Don’t believe what they say if I ain’t say it
Don’t believe what they say if I ain’t


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