Lil Xan Denies Drunken Fight With Supreme Patty As They Troll One Another

There’s a differing of opinions regarding what allegedly took place at a nightclub recently. According to a report, Lil Xan had a run-in with social media influencer Supreme Patty and things turned ugly—however, the details vary depending on who you ask. Patty shared a brief snippet of the exchange where chaos is ensuing as people in the club keep both men apart. “Lil Xan is a f*cking p*ssy he threw a drink on me at an event we both got booked at & when I tried confronting him, his security pulled me away [skull emoji][sideways crying laughing emoji] grow the f*ck up,” wrote Patty.

Lil Xan, Supreme Patty, Fight, Worldstar, Club

Worldstar made a post where they, too, shared the news of the fight between the two, adding that Xan, who has vocalized his substance abuse issues, was “blacked out drunk.” Yet, the rapper remembers it quite differently and slid in their comments to share his side of the story. “Blacked Out? Who reports this? We invited you to our show, then you pretended like you got booked for it to make you look good. We let you into our section and u started drinking everyone’s bottles.”

Both Xan and Patty weren’t done; they have taken to their Instagram Stories to share memes of one another. Supreme Patty even called for his nearly 6 million followers to change their profile pictures in an effort to troll his new foe. Check out the clip in question along with a few posts from these two below.

Lil Xan, Supreme Patty, Fight
Lil Xan, Supreme Patty, Fight
Updated: March 30, 2021 — 10:43 am

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