Lil Kim Fans Criticize Mr. Papers “Joke” Saying He Will Kill Her If She Cheats

Lil Kim and her man Mr.Papers “joked” about what they would do to each other if they were caught cheating, but some of her fans didn’t appreciate his words.

After some time apart, it seems like Queen Bee and her boyfriend Mr.Papers are back together.Years ago the two artists linked up to welcome their beautiful daughter, Royal Reign into the world, but things went sour. Lil Kim filed a lawsuit against her ex where she accused him of domestic violence in 2015 which he denied vehemently. Last year, Mr.Papers trolled Kim after she revealed she was in a relationship with a man who went by The Great, after some time it seems their romance ended, now the former couple is giving love a chance again.

Monday August 10, the couple had an exchange on Instagram where they shared what they would do to one another if they were caught cheating in their relationship. Mr.Papers wrote ” If you cheat ima kill you b***ch”, as he tagged Lil Kim, and she responded, “if you cheat ima sue you”, with a shrug emoji.

Some people took the brief back-and-forth chat as a joke , while Lil Kim’s diehard fans weren’t exactly happy and called the relationship “Toxic”. Regardless of the public’s view or judgement Lil Kim will always do whatever she wants.

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