Lethab Acid Returns With CREAM Prod. notbenjamin, And Announces Debut Album

Lethabo Acid returns with single “CREAM”, his first in two years, giving us a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming debut full-length release “ANTI HERO COMPLEX”. Over a wavy sample and heavy drums put together by notbenjamin, “Cream” speaks to the pursuit of happiness via the pursuit of money; how an inflow of money can test and alter the character of a person and of those surrounding them. Through clever lyrics and sharp delivery, the song provides a steady reminder to stay true to your moral code while you stack your bread UP.

The song was inspired by the film “Paid In Full” directed by Charles Stone III – The film, set in the 90s, is about a teen envious of the high-rolling lifestyle of his drug-dealing friends.

“In a world so fickle and envious I want people to focus on becoming better people whilst fending for their families and achieving their goals and visions” – Lethabo Acid.

Lethabo Acid spoke on what to be expected on the debut album;

“ANTI HERO COMPLEX is a vulnerable and real introspection of my character, my views of the world and my experiences of life so far. It hybridizes nostalgic memories of my childhood, where I am in my life now, and what I desire for my future” Lethabo Acid


Updated: March 24, 2021 — 2:02 pm

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