KXNG Crooked Commemorate Eminem & “MTBMB” Plaques

Since first emerging in the game back in the late nineties, having enjoyed a brief tenure as part of Suge Knight’s attempted Death Row revival, KXNG Crooked has since carved out a stable position in the pantheon of elite lyricists. With his pen game widely recognized by his peers, including the emcees he once repped Slaughterhouse with, KXNG Crook has become an established spokesperson for the culture, frequently using his social media pages to share rap reflections and give out flowers accordingly. 

KXNG Crooked

Over the weekend, Crook took a moment to share a heartfelt message of appreciation for Eminem, with whom he has been collaborative with increasing frequency of late; not only did Crooked spit some highlight-worthy bars on Music To Be Murdered By’s “I Will,” but Em came through to produce a few tracks for the FAMILY BVSINESS in “Skip This Ad” and “Liquor Store Church.” Now, with Music To Be Murdered By about to earn Eminem another platinum plaque, Crook took a moment to thank Slim for his contributions to both his career and hip-hop as a whole.

“I’d like to thank my guy Marshall for involving me in this great project,” captions Crook, alongside a picture of himself and his MTBMB gold plaque. “I appreciate his willingness to work with me and his support of me and the COB movement. We both love this culture 1 million percent and it’s always a pleasure to work with one of the greatest pens in history. This a gold plaque but MTBMB is platinum plus now so I’ll definitely be posting the new plaque as well.”

Updated: February 1, 2021 — 3:35 pm

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