Kevin Durant Speaks On Nets’ Horrific Defense After Wizards Loss

When the Brooklyn Nets acquired James Harden just a couple of weeks ago, many expected the squad to become an immediate superteam. Others were taking a more cautious approach as they figured the Nets would have some growing pains as all of the superstar players get used to each other. So far, the latter is what has happened as the team has mostly struggled on the defensive end.

Perhaps the best example of this was last night as the Nets lost to the Washington Wizards by a score of 149-146. The Nets seemed to have the game in the bag but they ended up allowing eight points in the final eight seconds, which is what ultimately caused them to lose. Following the game, Durant noted that he isn’t too worried right now and he knows the team can bounce right back.

“I got faith in our team and our guys and you know we going to start to put it together on both sides of the ball,” Durant said.

The Nets still have a lot of room to grow but defense is on the way, as they recently signed Iman Shumpert to a deal. Superteams take a while to develop, and there is no denying this team will be a force once the playoff start.

Updated: February 1, 2021 — 3:55 pm

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