Kelvin Momo Confirms New Album Release Date

Kelvin Momo Confirms Release Date For His New Album.

It has been more than a year since Kelvin Momo released “Momo’s Private School” an album which redefined what Private School Amapiano really is. Momo is the undisputed King of Soulful and Private School Amapiano and after waiting 16 months, the producer has finally announced a release date for his new album.

The album will be released this coming Friday, 10th December and will mist likely feature some of our favorite Soulful Piano producers and vocalists.

Kelvin Momo is known widely for his excellence and thoroughness when it comes to producing songs. Little wonder he chose to take his time with this album considering he began working on it since last year.

The producer all year round has been teasing fans with some snippets and last week he posted a screenshot of his album folder which showed all songs are ready.

It will not be far from the truth to say that some of the high profile producers who released albums this year have fallen short of fans expectations but we sincerely hope that Momo corrects the mistakes of those who dropped before him.

We look forward to this Friday!!!

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