KayGee DaKing x Bizizi Splits Up

Amapiano’s biggest duo, KayGee DaKing x Bizizi announces split up.

One of Amapiano’s biggest duo, KayGee DaKing & Bizizi took to their social media to announce their plan to go separate ways. Bizizi made the revelation known in an official statement shared on Facebook:

I’m sorry to tell you guys that me and KaygeeDaking we no longer working together due to personal issues that I can’t talk about😭😭💔
It’s been a good 3 years of BIZIZINOKAYGEE
It’s time to move on !!

The split was later confirmed by KayGee DaKing in a live video but he however assured fans that they can still expect some new music from their individual brand. It’s somewhat sad to hear that the duo is splitting up, but there’s little anyone can do about the recent development.

The duo Recently paired with Mapara A Jazz for a joint EP called “New Government” and untill this split, they had plans of releasing an album this Friday under the banner of “Kwasuka Lohko”.

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