Kanye is on a roll with random tweets rant at Drake while Ariana Grande dragged both

The “Real Friends” rapper is tweeting non stop to the Canadian rapper on

Ye put the beef with his former collaborator back on the hotplate when he relayed Drake’s interest in clearing a sample for the 2009 Kanye-produced track “Say What’s Real” from Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape.

He is demanding an apology with numerous tweets.
Kanye appeared to calm but his fingers are not in peace.
His tweet rants follows with another

“Drake called trying to threaten me,”

From that point, he tweeted again.

“The kid he had run on stage at Pushas concert is in critical condition,”
Implying that the Drake was responsible for the altercation at Pusha T’s concert in Toronto last month, where one person was stabbed.

The tweets continues,

“Since the pool line he’s been trying to poke at me and fuck with me.”

And then, “So Drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk.”

Another followed: “It just doesn’t sit right on my spirit” and “I got a family and kids. 69 is locked up xxx is dead. The kid that ran on stage is in the hospital.”

Kanye has blamed Drake for “buying first two rows” at Pusha T’s Ontario concert, where the G.O.O.D. Music president was targeted by an attacker as the melee spilled out on stage and at the front of house.

On Thursday,

Kanye’ took to Twitter account to throw spontaneous jabs at Drake.

“You are disrespectful to all people with mental health conditions so this is an opportunity for growth,” he tweeted. And later, “Please take the devil up out of you” and “some true artist are a bit crazy. Everybody is not Programed” (sic) and “you get people hurt at concerts.”

He continued with various references to God and the devil with screenshots drin bible.

He later tweeted “These tweets are not emotional” inserted himself in his story “This is a man speaking to a man that has been placed in the program to fuck with Kanye West head and set me up” and spoke Drake’s mind (“You’re mad at me for something I didn’t do”). It ground to a halt (maybe) with a “vibe” triptych: “I will never make a diss record. I will never put negative energy into a song. Only positive energy.”
He continued with series of tweets…

“Drake I’m not going to physically fight you like it’s MTV boxing”

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“Now he’s so street” “I’m your oxygen”
“You wouldn’t send purple emojis to scooter but you wanna need with your brother”

“That’s why black people never get ahead and and we stay controlled,Cause we rather act cool than sit and have a convo”

“If I’m bipolar,this kind of shit can get me ramped”

“There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat’

“Snoop is my elder and an inspiration to me, We both too high profile for you to actually do something to me”

“You trying to be a bully. I never been bullied in my life and I never will be. That’s why I made it this far in a pink polo, You [email protected] people with mental health issues”

“You get people hurt at concerts, Bro stop. You send emojis”

‘You say all this shut to me but won’t say none of that to J prince, Talk tough to real gangsters bro. You try to pick targets you think are easy”

“I’m up for talking. We need to show all of these fans that black men [email protected] without someone ending up dead or in jail”

“How you gone text Kriss but not speak to me, How you gone be on Trav’s song coming at me. Trav should have never allowed that”

“I used to bring Travis with me everywhere with me Im an inspiration to both him and Drake”
“I heard Drake had more bars dissing me that were removed”

“Trav is my family and let this met throw sneak disses at me for clout”
“This clout shit done got outta hand bro”

“To the right It’s On sight Saint stays to the right” “He passes Drakes the crib everyday”
“Noooooooo moooooore cap”
“Noooooo moooooore fake playing with peoples lives kids and mental health”
“Noooooo moooooore fake playing with peoples lives kids and mental health”

“You threatened the safety of me and my family. You tried to hurt my pockets
If Drake would go at Ye that there is interviews that he loves me then he doesn’t give a fuck about anyone”

“Our brother is lost and confused. Trying to kick me while I’m down”

“We should all be on this planet working together, All positive energy.”

He later came back again

“Perhaps I should have been more like water today. It’s what I felt and have been feeling for a while. All positive, All love”.

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He started again.

Fk that sickomode song. Family first and always. Fk clout! Family first”

“It’s not about rap, It’s about family. We have to be close as a family and never let these people infiltrate just for radio spins”

“Drake called me threatening me, So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk”

“I hit Trav earlier today. Now he just hit me More threats”

“I have a problem with sneak disssing”

“All positive energy, I got love for everyone. Just don’t sneak diss or diss at all. I paid the dues for all weirdos”

“I love everybody all positive energy No one that is a musician should ever diss me. My existence is for the rights of all artist”. Love to all artist”

He returned after a while started
“I actually like sickomode but I don’t like that that is was sneak disses”

“If I wasn’t here all artist would be doing memorial songs. I need that love and respect that we didn’t give Michael while I’m alive. No artist should ever diss me for clout. Period!”

“Broke down doors for sneakers fashion music everything. I’m a man about my family and integrity”

“I’ve made mistakes and have karma. No man is perfect. The universe will test us. All positive vibes. All love”
He ended. Meanwhile Drake is yet to respond to any of these allegations raised by Ye.

On the flip side, Ariana Grande is not having the drama as she took a shot at the rappers and the opportunity to announce about her new song with Miley.

“guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y’all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u”


Miley Cyrus responded.
Didn’t they hear the news? War is over?!
Thank you, Next!

She responded “Period”

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