Just in! Giniel de Villiers Keen on Dakar Rally 2022.

The SA icon and the winner of 2009 Dakar in Argentina, Giniel de Villiers, is set for 2022 Dakar rally having secured seven (7) podium places in his career so far.

The comeback of Dakar in 2022 which will take place from January 2-14. to the variegated and dunes of Saudi Arabia, with the competitors venturing into the desolate quarter, which is as sandy as it is perplexing.

Below is the exact word of de Villiers’ word ahead of the rally;

“We always look forward to the new routes. I’ve spoken to the route organizer and we’re expecting a lot more sand. It’s a great country to have the Dakar in, we have always enjoyed racing there.”

Giniel de Villiers for Toyota Gazoo Racing Team on the finish line of Stage 3 of Rally Dakar 2021 at Wadi Ad-Dawasir, Saudi Arabia . Photo: Flavien Duhamel/Red Bull Content Pool

This year, in addition to exploring new parts of the Saudi desert, the 44th edition of the Dakar has provided new opportunities for teams to approach the challenge with much-needed updates to a few key regulations.

“I feel very excited for this edition. There have been some rule changes ahead of the rally this year. Last year I had 24 punctures and this year we are allowed the same size tyres as what the buggies had last year and the years before, which they always beat us with,” Giniel de Villiers added.

De Villiers has been a model of consistency over the years, having only once finished outside of the Top 10 and will no doubt be a force of nature to watch again in this year’s challenge. With all-new modifications to his car, Dakar 2022 is set to be a race to remember for the off-road veteran.

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